Anxiety, an electrical circuit, a source of power or energy

Anxiety, an electrical circuit, a source of power or energy. Anxiety attacks are immense surges of electricity or power through the body that can consume the person affected. Surges of distress, fear, and unease are the common factors that anxiety gives people. Anxiety affects so many people, yet those affected, have no clue that they are suffering from anxiety. People underestimate the power of anxiety, and what it can do with the human body. Anxiety has many aspects that people do not notice, or that the people affected cannot prepare for. People misunderstand the concept of anxiety; and what it can do to the mentality of someone that is being affected by anxiety. Many people believe that anxiety is a constant state of mind, society is incorrect. Although anxiety is misunderstood as being a constant state, anxiety is an unpredictable shorted electrical circuit.

Electricity is a powerful current of energy that flows through lights, phones, ovens, stoves, and any electrical appliance that is used in everyday life. Just like many other energy sources, electricity has different intensities and each intensity has its effects, whether the energy is positive or negative effects. Attacks can be caused by anxiety. These attacks can be a horrific event to occur or can be a light panic with fear. These attacks can also be compared to the waves at high and low tides; if someone is out at high tide, it is harder to stay afloat, but if they are out at low tide, they can stand in the water with its lapping at your feet. Electricity can have surges or shortages of power in certain periods. Power is something that everyone wants, but something that nobody can control. Power in the wrong hands can do horrific damage, yet in the right hands can make unbelievable events occur. People in the world use power as a source of destruction, such as when someone in a group is in charge, they see this source of power as a way to control people and make them do their bidding. People also use power in good, healthy, safe ways, such as; peaceful riots, team-building exercises, and other friendly events without an overflow of power. Electricity is like the power surges that can be terrible or tolerable, it depends on the intensity of the attack or impulse. Power in the wrong hands can cause carnage and eliminate those who are affected, what makes it worse is that the attacks are always unpredictable, like anxiety itself. Anxiety is an abnormal state of mind that affects many people.

Anxiety is a mental state where fear or anticipation takes over the brain and causes it to turn into a state of panic. This series of panic is caused by a state of unease, distress, or fear in the mind. The dictionary explains the state of anxiety as,” Distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune,” (Webster 34).

Dictionary explains the definition is proof that the state of anxiety is a state of distress. The fear of danger, the distress of the occurring events or the events of everyday life, is what anxiety gives the people affected every day. Most people that are affected by anxiety, do not even know or comprehend that they are affected by anxiety in their life. Anxiety is a type of mindset that is not constant but can be constant for some time. Anxiety can affect anyone, there is no exception to whom anxiety affects and what their effects are on the affected person. Anxiety can take place before a test or quiz or an interview for a job; it is not until there are constant episodes or anxiety attacks while doing the simple events in life that a person is then considered to have an anxiety mental disorder. People struggle with anxiety every day, it is an inescapable occurrence throughout human daily life. Anxiety is a sporadic occurrence in the human races’ mentality.

A shorted electrical circuit gets sporadic surges of power, blackouts of power or holding a constant state of power right before they break. A shorted electrical circuit is a strong definition of anxiety. Anxiety is misunderstood by most people as a constant state of mind, society is mistaken. This disorder is nowhere near being in a constant state of mind, it is one of the most irregular forms of mental disorders. Anxiety hits in waves, sometimes the waves are at high tide and sometimes they are at low tide. The amount of power in each wave is a mystery to everyone until it happens to the person affected by this mental disorder. The only benefit to the waves than anxiety is that the waves are predictable whereas anxiety is unpredictable in its events. The power punch that is distributed to the person is intense and makes it hard for the person to handle on their own. Shorted electrical circuits can burn the surface if it is not taken care of, or it can even worse burn the inside of the system. If it is left unchecked and unmonitored it will tear the system apart. Therefore, anxiety is like an electrical circuit in its destruction.

Anxiety is more like a shorted circuit than anything else. Anxiety is not the constant state that people believe it to be. Anxiety is more of an electrical circuit that is short and has unpredictable sources of power. Shorted circuits of power in the electrical lines are nowhere in comparison to what to the events and intensities of occurrences of anxiety. The dictionary states that anxiety is a feeling of fear of danger or distress to be considered anxiety. There is a plethora of complications with the illness itself and how it is diagnosed. This goes back to electricity and anxiety in power. The world is full of shorted circuits, that do not know they are shorted, help them find out if they are affected and help them, anyone can help those in need.